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Friday, June 29, 2018

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Mommy "On-Duty" 

Being a new mom is much more than I ever imagined and I can’t get enough. It’s sleepless nights, cuddles, major poopy diapers, smiles, breastfeeding/pumping constantly… everyday is something new and I am learning it all. In between all the craziness, I try to stay chic and not allow the tired eyes to take away from my style. Thanks to DSW I can do it all and look stylish while doing it! My morning consists of taking Ashton for walks in sweats and sneaks, so my sneaker game needs to be on point. These high-top studded kicks edge up any outfit and allow me to walk miles while he… fingers crossed is “sleeping”!

Off to Meetings 

One thing I love about this industry is that you can dress how you choose! Of course there’s the occasional corporate meeting that you need to be buttoned up but typically you can dress based on your mood. Being a new mom, sneakers are always top of mind. I am always on my feet so comfort is everything. These sneakers are the perfect everyday universal shoe that can be paired with rompers, denim shorts or cute dresses. Check out the other amazing prints here – I have my eyes on the polka dots! 

Happiest of Hours 

At the end of the day… this mama needs some cocktails and apps! I mean can you blame me? After a long day of running around a shoe with a “lower” heel is a must. I do love the occasional sky high stilettos but it’s just not in my cards as much anymore. These lace up sandals gives me exactly what I want. I can totally go from happy hour to din without any complaints!

So as we know… comfort is king for this mama! Whether you are a new mom or just want an extra pep in your step, your shoes are what get you through the day.  My schedule is always stacked, between mommy duties, meetings and events, my shoes need to keep up with my busy lifestyle.  Comfy but stylish sneakers for the day and low thick heels at night make sure I always hit the ground running.  My style mantra is simple, if there are patterns and designs on my clothes, I keep my shoes solid and chic or vice versa.  Whatever your personal style mantra is, DSW has got you covered.  With all the variety they offer, your shoe game will be hard to beat. 

* Photographer: Lisa Richov 

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