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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Jacket: River Island | Shorts: River Island | Crop Top: River Island | Booties: River Island 

OK I'm going to make getting dressed in the AM super easy for you... ready for it - matching sets! It's the effortlessly chic and easy way to look put together while cutting down major time in the morning.  We have definitely seen this matchy matchy trend before but it's totally making a comeback.
This flowery set is from River Island - the one stop shop for affordable, sexy trends for every girl! I don't typically gravitate towards a flowery print but I love how it looks with lace booties and a crop top, making it a bit more edgy. And for the ice cream cone... duh that's a necessity to close out the summer! Ya feel me?! Xx 

*Sponsored by River Island
* Photographer: Joe Holtrichter

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