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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

 Photographer: Lisa Richov 

 I’m so excited to partner with Who What Wear and G-Shock watches this holiday season! I’m going to spill all my deets on how I stay fit and on track during the holidays. I can tell you it’s not always easy but don’t worry sweets and cocktails are involved… in moderation! There is no reason to throw away all your hard work and dedication for a few weeks of indulging. You have to commit and keep pushing. That’s the motto I live by everyday! No one’s asking you to bench press 100 lbs and then run 15 miles but just taking that extra walk to holiday brunch with your babes instead of an uber can help you stay fit.

My blogger bestie Lindsi Lane (@LindsiLaneStyle) and I are constantly on the move. I totally get it, the days fly by and you feel like you can’t even squeeze in time for a shower let alone time to work out. Well mapping out our days ahead of time allows us to get everything done. Thanks to our G-Shock we are able to set alarms for basically everything, so we don’t lose our minds. So guys, schedules are key! Working out for an hour everyday during the holiday season may not be possible but taking 20 minutes to meditate or just stretch will keep your mind, body and soul at ease!

Now to the fun stuff… my workout sched! I have to admit my trainer is my savior. I need that extra push to keep me motivated. My trainer does just that... keeps me on track, challenges me by switching up my routines and pushes me to the next level. My G-Shock times all my intervals so I can keep hustling! So if you do decide to indulge in those warm holiday cookies or that dirty martini make sure you sweat it out! I mean the sweatier you get the harder you pushed yourself, right?! The G-Shock is water resistant so no excuse there! I’m literally never not sweating!  

Being a fashionista and all, style is everything and that pertains to my fitness gear as well. Lindsi and I are having a major glitter and metallic moment… think glitter leggings and metallic gym bombers! We style our looks and swap our G-Shock’s to complement our athleisure vibes. The navy with rose gold and white are my favs at the moment! Super stylish and on point! 

The G-Shock is here to help your entire journey, so stay calm. The name of the game this holiday season is balance. If you can’t resist the champagne and warm apple pie (and I’ve been there too) than schedule at least a 25 minute workout session for your mind and body. So this holiday season, you must run the day… don’t let the day run you! Timing is everything @G-Shock. Happy Holidays! XOXO

*Sponsored by Who What Wear & Byrdie

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